In addition to built-in context-sensitive help, Elements™ has printed manuals that cover the following topics:

  • Purpose of Elements and the how it can help you.
  • Conceptual foundations. How solutions to many problems can be reduced to operations on matrices by functions.
  • How to write an Elements program.
  • Definitions of all built-in functions and procedures with examples.
  • Hundreds of solved problems.

Elements manuals are more than a "how to" computer books.

Elements User's Guide and Reference Manual

Elements User's Guide and Reference Manual is a user reference manual. It defines Elements syntax and describes all built-in functions. An Internet edition, that can be printed, is provided with product Elements Professional.

Elements Application Solutions

Elements Application Solutions is organized by number and algebraic systems. It solves hundreds of problems using matrices. These include diverse application areas: combinatorial analysis, probability, statistics, group theory, networks, geometry, linear algebra, differential equations, mechanics, tensors, simulation, optimization, accounting, economics, and investments.