EleSoft Research is a software development firm. Since 1977, it has operated in (Silicon Valley) Palo Alto, California, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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ElementsEngineering-Scientific Workspace
A problem-formulating and solving tool that is very useful to mathematics, engineering, statistics, computer science, and business professionals. Also, it provides a user interface on all software product components listed below.
Geodesic Computation, Netlib Access to Geodes. Finds minimum-length straightest-possible path between points on a curved multidimensional manifold (surface). Computes minimum transition costs in a complicated business model.
N-Sphere, N-Ellipsoid, and N-Torus Computation. Provides generic multidimensional closed (boundary-less) manifolds. Applicable to nonlinear business models where the general linear model (GLM) is too simple.
Multidimensional, Recursive, Deforming Parametric Systems. Models complicated recursive systems such as corporate policy-based decision making.
Grid Generator with Recursive Refinement.
Surface Renderer with Geodesics and Scalar Field Shading.
Plotting: XY, XYZ, Polar, Fct, Log, LogLog, Pie, Bar, Ribbon, Area, etc.
Elements Lite
Limited release of Elements Professional is freely available for evaluation and trial.

Internet software upgrades and downloads are available.

What's New!

  • Newly released Elements Version 9.1 has extended capabilities that include faster floating-point operations, more plot types, and a unified manifold and geodesic dialog box.
  • Elements demo suggestions.
  • Geodesic slide show covers many interesting aspects of geodesics.

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